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BAD GIRLS FROM MARS Starring as Emanuelle Stargate Productions Fred Olin Ray Director
NUDITY REQUIRED Co-starring as Isabella Priority Pictures John Bowman Director
BAD MANNERS Co-Starring as Mrs. Slatt Independent John Bowman Director
DR. ALIEN (AMERICAN SCREAM) Co-Starring as Buckmeister 21st Genesis Mitchell Linden Director
RENTED LIPS Starring as Heather Darling The Vista Group Robert Downey Director
DIRTY LAUNDRY Co-Starring as Trish D L Productions Monica Webb/Sonny Bono
MANKILLERS Co-Starring as Sergeant Roberts Action Int. Pictures David Winters Producer
LADY LUST Starring as Cathy Leisure Time Entertainment Ron Dorfman Director
HELLHOLE Starring as Vera Sam Arkoff Productions Tom De Simone Director
HOLLYWOOD HOT TUBS Co-Starring as Desiree Seymour Borde Chuck Vincent Director
GROWING PAINS Cameo as Edy Williams Disney Productions Ken Jorgenson Prod/Dir.
CHAINED HEAT Co-Starring as Paula Manson Release Paul Nicolas Director
WILLIE AND PHIL Cameo as Ashley 20th Century Fox Paul Mazursky Director
AN ALMOST PERFECT AFFAIR Cameo as Edy Williams Independent Michael Richie Director
DR. MINX Starring as Carol Evans Dimension Pictures Hickmet Avedevis Director
VOICE IN THE NIGHT Starring as Edy Sarno Productions John Meyers Director
SCANDAL IN THE FAMILY Co-Starring as Edy Cinemagraphia Bruno Gaburro Director
THE GOOD TIMES Cameo as Edy Williams Paramount Bill Friedkin Director
I SAILED TO TAHITI WITH AN ALL GIRL CREW Co-Starring as Marilyn National General Richard Bare Director
WHERE IT'S AT Co-Starring as Phyllis Horrigon Warner Brothers Frank Ross Director
THE PAD (AND HOW TO USE IT) Co-Starring as Livinia Universal Brian Hutton Director
THE LAST OF THE SECRET AGENTS Cameo as Edy Williams Paramount Norman Abbott Director
THE SEVEN MINUTES Co-Starring as Faye Osborn 20th Century Fox Russ Meyer Director
FOR LOVE OR MONEY Cameo as Edy Williams Universal Michael Gordon Director
BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS Co-Starring as Ashely St. Ives 20th Century Fox Russ Meyer Director
SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN WIFE Co-Starring as Susie Steinberg 20th Century Fox George Axelrod Director
THE NAKED KISS Cameo as Hatrack Goldwyn Samuel Fuller Director

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